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Jennifer West

Jennifer L. West, MS earned her master’s degree in Statistics from Virginia Tech. Prior to joining the Center for Biostatistics and Health Data Science team, she worked as a Research Analyst in the Virginia Tech office of Strategic Analysis where she cleaned and wrangled data, wrote SQL, SAS, and R scripts, and collaborated across campus to create actionable insights through visualizations and data analysis.  Her data visualizations along with her research colleagues’ published manuscript won the 2018 N4A Research Award for the Student Athlete-Services Profession.  After graduation, she co-developed and taught Epidemiology and Quantitative Methods in Public Health lab for MPH students.  While pursuing graduate studies, she worked as a lead collaborator in the Statistical Applications and Innovations Group providing walk-in and long-term consulting, reviewing grant proposals, and writing statistical guide sheets and an R short course in logistic regression.  Jennifer’s interests include infectious disease, communication across disciplines, and patient advocacy.