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Monica Ahrens

Monica Ahrens, Ph.D. is a Research Scientist for the Center for Biostatistics and Health Data Science. She is a recent graduate from the Biostatistics Department at the University of Iowa and beginning her career at CBHDS. Her research interests include survival and recurrent event analyses, longitudinal analysis, and statistical computing. Her dissertation studied methods for developing confidence bands for percentiles of event time as functions of covariates in a Cox Proportional Hazards setting. Monica has experience working in a variety of research areas including health policy, electronic health records, injury epidemiology, Parkinson’s disease, and neuroscience.

Ahrens M, Zamba KD. A Bartlett-based Confidence Band for Quantiles as a Function of Covariates in a Cox Model. (manuscript in preparation).

Ahrens M, Medlin R, Pagán-Rivera K, and Dennis J III. Case study on applying sequential analyses in operational testing. (manuscript in preparation).

Dumitrescu A, Pfeifer W, Ahrens M, Andorf J, Drack A. CACNA1F-related synaptic dysfunction - what leads to diagnostic delays in children? (manuscript in preparation).

Whitaker, K. M., Zhang, D., Pettee Gabriel, K., Ahrens, M., Sternfeld, B., Sidney, S., ... & Yaffe, K. (2021). Longitudinal associations of midlife accelerometer determined sedentary behavior and physical activity with cognitive function: the CARDIA study. Journal of the American Heart Association10(3), e018350.

Wright, B., Mestan, S., Ahrens, M., & Bottei, E. (2018). Trends in teenagers' nonopiod substance exposures reported to poison control centers, 2010-2015. The Journal of pediatrics196, 258-263.

Wright, B., Askelson, N. M., Ahrens, M., Momany, E., Bentler, S., & Damiano, P. (2018). Completion of requirements in Iowa’s Medicaid expansion premium disincentive program, 2014–2015. American journal of public health108(2), 219-223.