CBHDS values the opportunity to collaborate with you and your research team, and we acknowledge that successful collaboration with laboratory researchers involves effective communication, understanding the experimental context, providing valuable data analysis and interpretation, and extracting meaningful information to answer your research questions.

how to work efficiently with bioinformaticians

The CBHDS Bioinformatics team has a unique and diverse set of skills and expertise (see current & past projects). We are committed to understanding your biological research questions and the experimental design and techniques that you plan to apply. This diverse set of skills and expertise is important for successfully meeting the needs of our client collaborators in various fields including neuroscience, life sciences, animal science, food science, plant science, oncology, etc. 

We encourage you to collaborate with us early in the research process to avoid fatal flaws. Having a clear understanding of the project scope and goals will allow us to work with you on a project plan tailored to meet your needs. We will collaborate with you to prepare  grant proposals, design experiments, collect and manage data, analyze and visualize data analysis, interpret and present results, as well as provide support for dissemination products. Our goal is to maintain clear communication throughout the entire process and empower you to extract meaningful information from various biological datasets. 

types of services

We strive to support various research communities and to meet different research needs through collaborating with internal and external researchers and students. Our collaboration approaches include:

  1. short-term/limited-scope consultation;
  2. serving as a co-Investigator (co-I) on sponsored projects; and
  3. educational workshop training.


The CBHDS Bioinformatics team is available for short-term Zoom consults between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm EST every Monday. 


For further project collaboration, please read our collaboration process page and submit a collaboration request.