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Center Objectives

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The mission of the Center for Biostatistics and Health Data Science (CBHDS) is to achieve excellence in Virginia Tech’s health- and medically-related research portfolio through fostering collaborations across biostatistics, data science, health analytics, computer science, engineering, bioinformatics, biology, database management and integration, project coordination, clinical practice, health economics, translation and public policy.  To achieve this mission, the Center seeks to:

  1. Identify, integrate and coordinate expertise and resources pertinent to the areas of biostatistics, statistics, health analytics, data science, epidemiology, data management, informatics, health economics, etc. to provide a central support hub for health- and medically-related research;
  2. Promote the use and awareness of appropriate contemporary analytic methods in health- and medically-related research projects;
  3. Provide training and mentorship to statisticians, analysts, and data scientists relative to communication and collaboration with biomedical and health researchers;
  4. Through effective interdisciplinary collaboration, gain an understanding of disease etiologies, adopt effective treatment and prevention strategies, and positively impact mental health, physical health and quality of life.