In Summer 2020, CBHDS Director, Dr. Alexandra Hanlon, began leading a national working group consisting of Alicia Lozano (CBHDS Assistant Director) and various members of the Association for Clinical and Translational Science (ACTS) Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design Special Interest Group (BERD SIG), to develop and deploy a national survey tool to collect information about the structure and leadership of collaborative biostatistics units within academic health centers in the United States. The survey was circulated to leaders of collaborative biostatistics units from January 2021 through April 2021, where a total of 140 survey responses were received.

On December 28, 2022, a peer-reviewed article titled “A Comprehensive Survey of Collaborative Biostatistics Units in Academic Health Centers” was published in Stat’s Special Issue on “Statistical Consulting and Collaboration”  to summarize the results of this survey. This article provides a detailed characterization of the organizational structure of centralized collaborative biostatistics units within academic health centers in the US in terms of: (1) leadership structure, (2) workforce structure, (3) funding structure, and (4) evaluation metrics. These results provide a benchmark for collaboration models and evaluation and may be used by institutional administrators as they build, evaluate, or restructure current collaborative quantitative support infrastructure. 

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